Thursday, December 16, 2010

Want reading ideas for your kids?

a friend just showed me this blog, that might be helpful for parents who are wondering what else is out there to satisfy their child's particular reading tastes.  You would still want to read them first, as the site does not seem to discuss the content, but this could be a great place to start making a list of titles to try!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hostess needed for next Old School Monday!

Hello Vintage Moms!

We had scheduled our December OSM to be one week earlier than usual because of the Christmas week, so it is on the calendar for NEXT MONDAY, December 13.  But I will not be able to attend after all, so I am checking to see if anyone else is interested in hosting.  You would just need to get there a little early and make sure you can get in (Sharon is usually around, and there is usually someone in the office at that time) and then what you do during the time together is completely up to you!  I was planning on teaching everyone a Christmas carol and doing an easy bit of holiday art, but you could just make it a party if you want!

If no one feels up to hosting this time, that is understandable at this time of year.  We can just make our next one in Jan.  Either way, would you all please leave a comment so we know everyone is getting the information?  Thanks, and Merry Christmas everyone!

lisa c.

musical instrument made of PVC pipes

print out your own owl art calendar

Here is a link to a simple but beautiful craft project--older kids could even do this as presents for people for Christmas!