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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Author's Fair 2014

The Old School Mondays kids have a long standing tradition of collaborative book writing--and the books we have made together and presented at the annual Author's Fair have been some of my kids' favorite projects!

This year we have two book projects going on, for anyone who would like to jump in and participate:  The Book of Months, and the "What Is It?" Book of Nature Riddles.  It is not too late for you and your kids to do either or both!

The Book of Months features your family traditions and rhythms over the course of one year. All you need is one illustration and one page of description for each month. As always, you modify the project as needed to fit your child's abilities, so there can be as much or as little writing and parental involvement as necessary.  Click on this link to read all the details for this project.

The Book of Nature Riddles is one page front and back; the front presents the riddle, and the back has the illustration and words that reveal the answer.  Click here to read all the details for this project. This project involves more parental guidance up front--but the process can be fun, and once they get the hang of it they might very well want to keep writing more!

(I recommend when you click on each project link that you read the posts from oldest to newest, so you can follow the logical progression more easily.)

If you would like to participate in the Book of Months, just jump on in to the fun!  All the info you need to make it happen is already up on the blog, except for the details about how to bind it, but that will come. You have more than 3 weeks for the project, and unless your children are uber-detailed and slightly obsessive illustrators (like mine are), that is plenty of time.  You are invited to bring your completed books to our April 28 Old School Monday gathering for show & tell!

If you would like to participate in the Book of Nature Riddles, please RSVP in the comments below, and I will then plan on us having a "book binding" activity for our April 28 Old School Monday (the Monday before the Author's Fair).  (I can also plan book binding for the Book of Months, if that is helpful--RSVP for that if you desire.)

Questions? Please ask them in the comments below so all may benefit from the discussion.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It's the Old School Timeline Party--This Friday!

Becky and I are co-hosting this event, and we are excited.  Ever since last semester we have wanted to have a day where we would all get together and make a giant timeline in the gym--a fun visual experience to help all our kids get a better feel for where the events and people they have been studying fall in relationship with one another. 

What: The Old School Timeline Party
Where: upstairs classrooms, Children's Ministry Bldg., Vintage Faith Church
When: This Friday, April 11, noon-2:30.

We will meet up in the upstairs right-hand classrooms again for the first part, until most everyone has arrived. We will have circle time and do just a little sharing.  But most of the event we will spend in the gym--not goofing off this time, but presenting!

Each child who wants to should pick a person your family has learned about so far this year--or that the child can research in the next few days--and write a brief, first person narrative report that explains who the Important Person is, where and when he/she lived, and why he/she is important to history.

*This is not a hard assignment--you parents can take this idea and run with it to the extent you want to this week, making it fit your child's interest and abilities and your school schedule for the week.  It may remind some of you of our first Author's Fair project--as it should since we are using the same template as a starting point!  So this week, just have your children gather a few facts about this Important Person in History:


IT IS THE YEAR: (choose a date important to this person's role in history)

I LIVE: (give the location(s) important to this person's role in history)

I AM: (here is where you briefly tell the person's role, or job, or what was going on around him/her at this place/time in history, and/or what he/she was doing about it)



ONE THING I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW IS: (talk with your kids about the beliefs and values of this person in relation to their role in history. Choose either a direct quotation of this person, or help your child summarize a belief or value that has come through in your studies.

Older kids can write more--that is up to you, parents, but every Important Person at least need to have accurate dates and places recorded.  When we all get together on Friday we will give an opportunity for each child to present his/her Important Person, and then we will figure out on the timeline we make where the person belongs.

*Any child who wants to participate is encouraged to do so!  Siblings can work on the same topic and present their findings together, or they can work individually on separate topics--you decide what works best for your family.

*Any child who wants to dress up as his or her Important Person is welcome to! 

This event is not a food party, so no need to bring any food items to share.  But as always, you are welcome to bring lunch for your family, or to eat before you come--whichever is easiest for your family!  But would you please remember to bring plates, napkins & cups for your family.  We're striving to make our gatherings as waste-free as possible. : )  Thank you!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Old School Monday St. Patrick's Day party!

Hello fellow moms!

Next Monday, March 17 is our next Old School Monday gathering. Normally we try to meet the last Monday of each month, but with St. Patrick's Day on a Monday, I could not resist the opportunity.  We are learning about the Christian saints here at home, and how perfect that now at Old School Monday we have talked about St. Nicolas, St. Valentine, and now will get to learn about St. Patrick!

So as usual, the gathering will be from noon until 2:30, there in the first floor right-hand classrooms.

--We will have circle time and read a story about St. Patrick. (Anyone have a favorite version of this story you want to bring and share?  Just let me know in the comments! I don't always have to be the one who does this part of the gathering.)

--I would love to have a craft or quick and easy science project for the kids to do--anyone have ideas?  If so, let me know!

--If your kids are working on the Book of Months project, please bring pages to share!

--And let's make this a green party!  Please bring a green food item to share. 

--As always, you are welcome to bring lunch for your family, or to eat before you come--whichever is easiest for your family!  But would you please remember to bring plates, napkins & cups for your family.  We're striving to make our gatherings as waste-free as possible. : )  Thank you!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

NO Old School Monday this Monday, Feb. 24

Hi Everyone!

In my last post giving dates for events, I said we would have Old School Monday on Feb. 24.  We are CANCELLING this event and doing something different instead--an Old School Field Day, to be held the following Friday.  Details of that will be posted probably on the facebook group that goes along with this blog.  If you are a local friend and want to come, but are not part of the facebook group, then just leave a comment and we will get you the info you need!

: )


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day Memories

Yesterday was so fun - thanks Lisa and Ali and everyone who helped pull off such a memorable endeavor. The kids had a blast and I THINK we got all the sprinkles out of the carpet ;). This party has become a cherished tradition in our family and I'm so grateful my girls got to share in it again. Here's a little video Claire made (with help from Katie and Hannah Frank and some very eager participants).  Turn up your volume to hear as much of the spoken words as possible...

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Valentine's Day Party Roster--Updated Thurs, 7:07 p.m.

Here are the names of all the kids who will be participating in the Valentine exchange at the party on Friday.  As I get more RSVPs I will update this list, so you can check back tomorrow morning to make sure you have all you want to bring.

Also, please remember that there is no legalism around this party--no right way or wrong way to participate!  So if you can't manage to get each of your children to make valentines for each of the children coming--get creative!  Maybe you can divvy up the list among your kids, or have your girls make them for the girls and your boys make them for the boys.  Or do what we are doing for valentines:  my kids have painted large pieces of paper using red, pink, orange & green sparkly paint. Then they are using fancy-edge scissors to cut out hearts. The older girls can write the names of the recipients, but the younger kids can just write their own names.  Or just draw a smiley face!

With this many kids coming, I am not worried about the kids having enough special things in their "mailboxes." If each of the kids participating at least brings something for most of the other kids, it will all work out fine. : )

1. Landon
2. Koji
3. Hana

4. Asia
5. Eden
6. Sydney

7. Sophia
8. David
9. Malakai

10. Shiloh
11. Cruz

12. Bella
13. Hannah
14. Abbie
15. Elisabeth
16. Joshua

17. Amelia (maybe)
18. Macy (maybe)
19. June (maybe)

20. Katie
21. Claire

22. Carson
23. Olivia
24. Spencer

25. Sarah
26. Rebecca

27. Luke
28. Magnolia

29. Hazel
30. Charlotte

31. Gwynneth
32. Meredith
33. Bronwyn
34. Evan

35. Hannah
36. Jack
37. Luke

38. Tegan

39. Lillie

Please tell me if I have missed someone from the comments or facebook!  Otherwise, I will add new names as they come in today. : )

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Favorite Films: Winged Migration

After talking with Lucy the other day, I decided we need to start a new section on this blog, for favorite movies.

This is a documentary that was released in 2001, and so many of you probably have not heard of it.  It is one of our family's favorite movies, and the kids are completely mesmerized by it.  It's all just gorgeous filming of birds migrating.  That sounds really boring, but it is the opposite.  It would be a great movie to watch with the kids if you were learning about birds, seasons, or geography.

I found this official site that gives a trailer, and other potentially interesting and informative links.

I am sure you can get the movie through Netflix if you have their DVD plan, but I saw it is also available for download through Amazon Prime.  Hold on--EVEN BETTER: the library has it! 

If any of you Vintage Homeschool Moms want to make your own film reviews here on the blog, please feel free!  Some of you are "authors" so you can just make a post.  If you are not an "author" then please email me with your text and I'll post it for you. : )