Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's the Old School Monday FALL PARTY!

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What:     Homeschool Families Fall Party
When:    Next Monday, October 22, 11-2
Where:   Vintage Faith Church, our usual classrooms and the gym

We will start out with lunch, so please bring lunch for your families* and also one food item to share with everyone. 

Then there are two special events planned:

--Share Displays 12-12:30.  Each child or family is welcome to create a display of something they want to share with the rest of us.  It might be what they did over the summer, or something they have been learning about that excites them.  All displays should have a writing element (which can be as simple as the child writing captions for photos, or as elaborate as descriptive paragraphs) and displays that utilize a math element (graph or chart, calculations, even simple addition that fits their topic) will receive special acknowledgement.  Prizes will be given to all participating children!  Children may set up their displays as they arrive, so families may look around and admire the kids' handiwork at any time, but we will set aside a half-hour starting at noon for the children to talk about their displays, if they wish.

--Fall Book Projects12:30-1:30.  I will share our next book project for the 2013 Author's Fair so anyone interested can get a head start on it with your kids, and then I will lead the kids in a guided book project on the Bill of Rights.  Any kids who are interested and who are school age are welcome to participate.

Throughout our time there, we will have plenty of time for chatting, catching up, sharing ideas, and letting the kids play!  If any parent wants to lead a game in the gym before or after our other activities, please let me know!

This is all free, and any homeschool families are welcome to join us and participate.  Please invite your friends too!

*Please remember to bring your own cups, plates, utensils, etc. We would like to make these events as waste-free as possible. Thank you!