Monday, May 13, 2013

UPDATE to the Abbey Art Show Wrap-Up

UPDATE to the Update! 

It looks like I will be there tomorrow at 10:45, and can stay as long as 11:15 for whomever can come by tomorrow (Tues)--but will have to skedaddle after that, so please come at 11 at the latest, ok?

Please see the info on the last post about where I will be--upstairs over the Abbey.

Thanks, everyone!


Well, yesterday must have been a big day of Mother's Day plans, because only one person showed up to pick up art!  (Thanks, Charlotte! : ) I am now having people email me asking if they can make individual plans with me to pick up the art, but as you can imagine, I won't be able to make individual pick-up arrangements with so many families.  So, let's try a formal pick-up date one more time.  I am not over in Santa Cruz much during the week, but I would be willing to make one weekday morning pickup when I am over there if people preferred that over the weekend.  Or we can try for next Sunday again. 

So would at least some of you please respond to this post so I know which you would actually go to? 

Option #1: Tues or Thurs morning between 10:45-11:00 a.m. Please note that is just a 15 minute window!  My kids have a class nearby for one hour, so I can run over to the church and get people their art, but I will have to be prompt in leaving again to make sure I'm not late picking the kids up again. 

Option #2: Next Sunday I'll set out the art again in the hallway upstairs.  This time I won't be there early. : )  This time I also won't hang out and keep an eye on it--but the hallway is fairly quiet, so I don't think the art will come to any grief.  But if you are concerned, come on the early side!  I'll have it out between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.

If you do not contact me, or come to get your art, I'll have to assume you are not interested in having it back, and I will have to throw it away. : (  

You were all so wonderful about getting the art to the Abbey in time for the hanging, for having those required cards, for adhering to the guidelines of the show--I was as impressed with you parents as I was with the kids for their art! : )  So I assume this past weekend was just really busy for people. Please let me know which of the above times you would come to get the art, so we get all these masterpieces back where they belong.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Abbey Homeschool Art Show Wrap-Up

Thanks to all the families who participated in the Abbey art show! 

Your children did such a fantastic job with their art.  I heard several people around the church comment that it was one of the best shows they had seen.  I'm so proud of all the artists!

I really enjoyed meeting many of you artists and parents at the opening too.  Thank you, those who came and brought treats to share!

So now the show is officially over, and when I emailed last week to find out when it was coming down, I got a response back that they had just taken it down, and the art is ready to be picked up.  The art is lock in a room above the Abbey, which means it is safe, but which also means you can't just go pick it up whenever.  So let's make a pick up date:

This upcoming Sunday morning, May 12--Mother's Day!
9:30 a.m. till 1:00 p.m.
Come to the church and enter through the office door (just down from the Abbey main door, closer to the street), then go straight ahead and go up the stairs on your left.  At the top of the stairs, turn R and you should see the art, which I will have leaning against the wall in the hallway. 

At 1:00 I will be locking up any art that was not picked up, and then you will have to email me to make other arrangements for getting it. 

Thank you again for helping create such a beautiful, meaningful and successful art show!

The Author's Fair wrap-up

Well, you could hear the crickets chirping in here after my last post about the Author's Fair!

I understand.  It was a busy Spring for most of us, and many of you intended to participate but then when the time came to do it you felt like you could not do one more thing.  I get that--I felt that way this Spring too!

So this year our group book ended up being a two-family collaboration.  And guess what?  It still turned out adorable, and was a big hit at the fair!  Read what my E.S. Terry sent me in an email after the fair, which another E.S. had sent to her:

The other E.S.'s family wrote:
We all went to the Authors' Fair yesterday, and the kids were quite excited that people had read their works and left comments.  We looked at some of the other books, and one was a book of riddles ending with "Who am I?"  The kids have been busy writing their own riddles last night and this morning!  M's I wrote into a tracing program, so I printed his riddles out with 'conventional spelling' : ) and we decided to use those for his copywork. 
Thank you for encouraging the kids to take part in the authors' fair!  Nothing else has come close to giving them the inspiration to write - both before and after the fair!
Now how cool is that?  Our book was inspiring other kids to go home and think and write!
This fun anecdote was just what I needed to confirm in my mind what I already thought we would do for next year's group project:  build the riddle book!  This means that we have TWO projects going on for the Author's Fair of 2014, and you have ALL the information you need right now, a year in advance, to be working on them! 
--The "What Is It?"  Book of Nature Riddles  (formerly called "Our Big Backyard") group project, where each child/family can submit one or more pages.
--The "Book of Months" family writing project.  You parents are the bosses of this project, but I have provided suggestions and guidelines, and we can have a party where we come together and share these the month before the Author's Fair if you like. 
So I encourage you interested families to start working on your Book of Months now, so your kids have plenty of time to really get into it if they want and you don't run up against the deadline next year and be frustrated.  It would be a great summer project!  But as always, these are just things you can do or not, depending upon what your kids needs and interests are. 
I have updated the labels for these two book projects so you can just click on the label "Book of Months" and it will take you to all those posts, etc.  : )