Monday, January 9, 2012

Workshop on how to do a science fair project--TOMORROW

From local homeschool mom Suki:

Hi everyone,

A while back I was chatting with a mom about the science fair, which my family loves, and she suggested that it would be helpful to have a workshop that introduces parents to how to do a science fair project. My only credentials are that I'm the daughter of two scientists and my kids have taken part in the science fair for years, but it's a great topic and I'll do my best to answer your questions or help you find the answer. We'll go through the basics: what is the scientific method, what are some common pitfalls, what do judges want to see. We'll also look at the rules for our local science fair.

Science Fair Workshop
At the Discovery Learning Center -
Tuesday, 1/10 at noon
Free for supporting members, $3-5 donation requested from others

The DLC will be open for lending library hours at that time. You can bring your children to play, but we can't have them out on the structure unless there is a parent willing to watch them out there. The workshop is designed for parents, but perhaps at the end if we have time we could have a question/answer period with the kids.

Please feel free to pass this message on to other mailing lists!


Susana (Suki) Wessling

This sounds fabulous--I don't know if I can make it, what with little kiddos in tow, but I would if I could!