Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Old School Monday Christmas Party--Friday!

Where:  The usual classrooms at Vintage Faith Church, in the Children's Ministry building

When: This Friday, December  20, from noon to 2:30

What to bring: A treat to share, and a small gift per child in your family if you want them to participate in the Great Gift-Swapping Game.

This will be a fun and low-key gathering, and a great time to invite friends!

We will eat cookies and other treats, read a few Christmas stories together, and then play the Gift-Swapping Game.  We'll do this last, so any family who does not want to play can duck out. But if you want to play, the gifts you bring should be inexpensive and something you already have in your home.  Just wrap each item individually (or better yet, put in little bags), and make sure there is one for each child in your family who wants to play.

You are welcome to bring lunch for your family, or to eat before you come--whichever is easiest for your family!  But would you please remember to bring plates, napkins & cups for your family.  We're striving to make our gatherings as waste-free as possible. : )  Thank you!