Wednesday, November 21, 2018

DC: Day Two, Pt 4--The Air & Space Museum

After our tour of the Capitol, we were back to the Mall to meet my parents at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

The Spirit of St. Louis! (Of course we had watched the movie beforehand, so seeing the real plane would be meaningful.)


There was a whole room at the museum of hands-on, fun & interactive exhibits. Like an Exploratorium focused on physics of air & space flight.  Only two of my kids spent time here--the other two were exploring the greater museum and never realized this was here. Oh well!  Again, good thing I had learned my lesson about setting aside the Ideal Homeschool D.C. Experience and was just thankful to be there , appreciating every experience, and calling all learning equally good. : )

The kids enjoyed riding the Metro every day. And liked it best when it was packed at rush hour! (But of course I didn't dare take a photo then!)

I took several photos that week of the Metro escalator at our hotel stop--it was so high and so steep.

Terrible photo, but trying to capture the optical illusion--the escalator was so steep that it played tricks on the brain. Here I tried to show that by turning the camera so that the railing is level, and then it looks like everybody is standing but leaning way back. 

Back at the hotel, trying on the souvenirs we got at the Capitol. That was my favorite gift shop in all of D.C!  Good quality items at very reasonable prices, and everything in the shops was made in the U.S.  THE place to get t-shirts!  And I had promised the kids they could each pick out one souvenirs on the road trip--Smiley got his stuffed manatee down in Florida, and now the girls decided they wanted t-shirts. Perfect. 

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