Friday, November 2, 2018

DC: Day Two, Pt 1--The Library of Congress, Cont.

Yes, the Library of Congress ended up being one of our favorite, favorite things in all of D.C. Who would have thought it!  And now I find, looking back, that there is way too much beauty to fit into one post. So skip this one if you didn't enjoy the last one--it's just more of the same. ; )  The kids and I, however, could not get enough of it. They were just as camera happy as I was!

 From the museum exhibit on WWI.

The iconic view.

Really cool rare map!

And all around us and under us was intricate beauty!

Stumbling upon a display of Alexander Hamilton papers. Letters to the Schuyler sisters--

And early editions of the Federalist papers.

Of course these displays (and others about Hamilton around the D.C. area) were because of the musical Hamilton coming to the city, and because of the musical's popularity bringing a surge of interest in all things Hamilton. But clever of the exhibit makers to draw the connections, showing how these original documents were instrumental to the lyrics of the show. 

And then, down in the basement, we felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland as we wandered what seemed like endless corridors without signage, looking for something we were told was there. . . 

The Library of Congress Children's Reading Room!

I don't know how much this room gets used, but what a delightful space!

Lovers of reading and supporters of libraries unite!

Note: there were stations down in the basement of the Library of Congress to recharge electronics!  This was very helpful, seeing as how it was first thing in the morning and our camera batteries were already running low, for the amount we had used them on this one building. : ) So while the kids were in the reading room I watched all their cameras and my phone while they charged. 

And then, all of us recharged, we headed to our next stop: The US Postal Museum!

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