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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Hey girls! Here we go....this blog is for all of us to share whatever is going on with our homeschooling activities, what IS working, what is NOT working, sharing prayer requests, asking for encouragement, sharing book recommendations, curriculum ideas, etc. The ideas are endless. You will need to respond to the first email, and create a log-in ID. For those who have never blogged before - just log in, and create a post. This is a private blog, so only those who are authors can read it. You can choose an appropriate title, and also label the post when you are done. For example - if you are writing about 2nd graders and math, then label "2nd grade" and "math" which will create an easy access folder for others to find your nifty advice easier. Its really easy, but I just wanted to help us all get started. Also, if someone wants to initiate a topic for discussion, we can all write posts within the topic thread, OR we can add comments too. Either way, this is a great place to share what is going on in our hearts & brains. Once you get going, you can also include pictures or graphics too.

Also, please feel free to edit the sidebar links, or add your own creative ideas as well. You can add links to neat websites, resources, or encouraging articles you've read.

If you know of others who we'd like to invite to become an author - I think I have to invite them. Just send me their email address.

I hope this can be a safe, encouraging & inspiring place for us moms (and dad's too) as we shepherd our kiddos, and step into the world of learning. Also, we can change the name of the blog, the colors, the fonts, etc. The only thing we can't change is the site name:

Love ya! ~ Ali


Blessed said...

This looks GREAT Ali! Thanks so much for setting this up. : )

Becky said...
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Becky said...

Hello everyone! Ali, this is absolutely fantastic. I am so excited for us to be able to share with each other in this way, i can hardly stand it. i have never wanted to blog before, but this seems like it has such a good purpose, i really do think it will be a valuable tool to encourage us all. you've done a fabulous job, Ali, i love the colors, the name, everything!! Welcome everyone! I will weigh in with some thoughts soon. for now i am going to reheat leftovers for supper. Love you all!

rosewillow said...

Thanks Ali you are right on top of it! Im excited to hear about everyones learning experiences, and be able to share in a space where i dont have to chase little journey around and miss the conversation! It was nice to see you today, even though i was on the run...