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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why we homeschool, Willow Lorenz

I actually never had any intention of homeschooling and sent Skye to school all the way to high school... But when i decided to teach Heaven preschool myself because i wanted her to be ready for Kindergarten i started to think about the idea. It seemed easy enough and we had so much fun but i also thought she was too social to want to be at home all the time. We did send her to kindergarten and she had a lovely year, i spent a lot of time there as a parent volunteer and was very happy with the teacher and Heaven loved it. One of the things i noticed though was that she already knew most of what they were learning and i worried that she would be held back from learning new things... So when she started 1st grade with enthusiasm and came home crying the first few days it seemed like an easy decision. She begged me to stay home and we started homeschooling. I really love the freedom that homeschooling gives us and i like that we can cover alot in a short time giving her time to be a kid! Its so fun to be creative and learn from life and find her interests and discover where they can lead. I was homeschooled through 10th grade and always thought that it was a great alternative for some families. I hope that i can continue to stay encouraged and faithful because i really do think that homeschooling is so healthy for our kids! Its challenging for me to keep her interested so i appreciate all of your ideas and input... I feel tempted sometimes to put her in school for my own selfish reasons but for now we are pressing on! It is really nice to see all of our kids interacting and hanging out so i hope that we can all continue to organize fun stuff to do together...

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McNabb Clan said...

i think some our best ideas are so "unintentional"....and just spirit-led, even tho we don't know it. glad you are enjoying the freedom!! love ali