Tuesday, April 7, 2009

tidbit--cool placemats

hi moms--

i just wanted to tell you that at OSH in the home section, they have really cool placemats perfect for homeschooling and lunch! solar system, world map, united states (the map ones also label everything in both English and Spanish, so that doubles the learning value!) and the presidents (through GWB). They are really smooth, so function well as art placemats, but if they are on the table while the kids eat, they really enjoy looking at them! Bronwyn esp. likes the one of the Presidents.

And they only cost $1.49 each!


McNabb Clan said...

I want some!! Would any of you be able to pick some up for us?? I would love one of each, if possible. I could reimburse you (of course) and also for the postage. It cost's $12.95 to send a float rate priority envelope here to China....anyhow -- let me know if anyone might be in the neighborhood of OSH, and could pick it up for me. My mom could even mail the pkg too -- so you don't have to wait in line at the post office. Thanks Lisa for this neat "heads up" Love ya!!

Blessed said...

Of course I can pick them up for you, Ali! Can you think of anything else flattish that anyone here in SC might want to mail to you along with it?