Monday, January 25, 2010

hello sweet mommas!!

hello girls -- hope you are all doing great, and staying encouraged along the journey! Lisa asked me to post something (while I can) and let you know how we are doing with our home-schooling adventure. Many of you may not know - but our internet was shut down in early July 2009, after some violent riots in our province. Everything is peaceful now, but we still do not have access to the lovely internet. Without the internet - we have to get even more creative, since I can't google ideas, or find information at my fingertips. I am very thankful for the curriculum we purchased, and that everything is included for the entire year!! (I am in Thailand right now, so I am able to post)

Asia (age 6) began first grade this year, but we opted for the 2nd grade advanced readers. I am so glad - because she is soaring when it comes to reading. She will read an entire chapter book in one sitting, sometimes over 150 pages. She is not so fond of math or handwriting though. Eden (age 4) also began a Pre-K schedule, which is very flexible and fun!! She loves it, and is pushing me to learn letters and even sound out words. She has the benefit of watching her older sister learn ahead of her too. Sydney (age 3) wants to write letters, and loves being read to. I can say with assurance that they all love books!! I wish we had more exposure to sports, outdoor activities and I encourage you to make the most of the blessings of living in Santa Cruz!

We also began a Co-op for the other 6-year-olds in our area (all 4 of them). It consists of Andrew, Linus, Emma & Asia. I team up with another mom, and we teach reading/writing, and science, and then one of the dad's teaches Physical Education (games & coordination). This is our 2nd year doing this, and it has been so motivating for the kids to see others their age, and have exposure to others teaching them. I also love that we can do hands-on experiments together and see a variety of outcomes, instead of just one!

Here is a picture of the kids playing some PE games outside. The guy in the middle is Raj, our business partner too!
As for some things I am learning:
  • don't be so rigid in scheduling school time, but stay predictable.
  • find an area they excel in - and encourage her along
  • using history as a background (with a timeline, events & people)
  • read my own books in front of my girls (family reading time)
  • ask lots of questions, encourage curiosity & wonder!!
  • cherish this time with my girls...
I hope you are having fun too!! We will try to come visit next winter (Dec 2010?).
Love you heaps, Ali


Blessed said...

Thanks so much for logging on to let us know how you are doing! So glad you ended up with the resources you need--Doug and I were just talking the other day about how the world wide web did not exist when we were in college, and now I don't know how to do without it. ; ) So I am feeling your lack of google! If there is anything you want us to send you--even Xerox pages from a book!--please let us know!

And I am thinking we all need to give some homeschool updates right about now. I'll try to post something soon. . . Hey, Vintage Moms! Please leave a comment or make a posting to let us know how your homeschooling is going!

McNabb Clan said...

we are doing great - even without the internet. thanks for the sweet offer though! we DO miss you guys!!

Becky said...

Oh Ali, thank you so much for writing!It is so very wonderful to hear how you are doing, how homeschooling is for you, and how your beautiful girls are doing. We miss you so much, but your pictures and news make you seem nearer. I hope your jaunt across the country is going well and that you are staying well. Did you have your tonsils out? xo xo beck