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Monday, July 12, 2010

No Old School Monday until Sept!

Hello Moms!

Summer business and travel are upon most of us, so I think we will suspend our official OSM for the rest of the summer. BUT if anyone wants to gather for any other reason, please feel free to suggest something!

AND when we have our first OSM in Sept--on the 27th, by my calendar--we will have a Back to School party, with our "annual" Summer Adventures Show and Tell. So as you have family adventures this summer, keep in the back of your mind how you could get your kids interested in some schoolish way to share it later, like a picture book, a travel journal, a collage, etc. I strongly recommend making writing be a requirement! Each interested family can make a table display. See our last year's write up for ideas.

Have a great summer, everyone!

P.S. I want to talk with all of you more this next fall about making times that are good for everyone. So if you were not able to come with the switch to afternoon, let's talk about that! I care about all of you, and miss those who we have not seen for a while. : )


McNabb Clan said...

I would love to know the dates for the OSM's in November, December & January -- just so we can plan. thanks!!

Blessed said...

Easy! We meet on the 4th Monday of each month, unless there is a holiday that weekend, when we might do it the week before or after. So my best guesses for those months are:

Nov. 22
Dec. 20
Jan. 24

We are at this moment up in the air as to whether or not we will meet in the am or pm--we will decide come Sept!

It will be AWESOME to have you all join us! We'll plan some extra special activities in your honor. ; )