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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And a book recommendation on Tsunamis in Japan

From a homeschool email:

Here is a book, 'The Big Wave' that might be helpful for children who are worried about Japan and the families there. It is a sad story about a boy who loses his family in a Tsunami in Japan but a wonderful story about healing (and how long it can take) written by Pearl S. Buck in 1948. Parents should preview first to see if they feel it is appropriate for their child.

Here is an NPR link about the story and a recorded excerpt from it (which I have not listened to)

Here is the link for the book on Amazon for your reference but you might want to check to see if it is available locally.

- Nancy  (a local homeschool  mom)


Blessed said...

P.S. I am buying this book, so if anyone wants to borrow it when I am finished, you are welcome to!

laura said...

I would love to borrow it. Many Thanks!!!!