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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Just in case anyone out there has been wanting to add a cat to the family, here is something that came to my inbox today:

I am a volunteer at the SPCA and right now they are having a special promotion. All adult cats (ages 6 months & older) are FREE!!
The Monterey Co SPCA is in the process of building a new shelter facility, so they are trying to find FOREVER homes for as many of these animals as possible, before the big move in December.
All adoptable animals are vacinated, microchiped, spayed or neutered; they even come with a 10lb bag of Science Diet.
There are also feral cats available, so if you are interested in these animals be sure to ask.
The FREE cat promotion is ONLY til the end of September, btw.
Follow the Adopt link & then search adoptable animals:  cats/kittens to see available cats.  (The feral cats are not listed on the website, btw)
Thank you all for your patience :o) Stephanie in Seaside

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