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Thursday, October 13, 2011

HEADS UP, locals, the library is changing its policies

Ok, this is something I had not heard, but which is realllllllly important for all local homeschool families to know about!  I'm too lazy to re-state this, so I will just quote Heddi and Vaiva and Suki, three local homeschool moms who are always in the know, from a yahoo group discussion:

Hey, just a heads up to everyone:  Starting October 16th, the Santa Cruz
libraries will no longer have a 7 day grace period.  Fines will begin
the very first day a book is overdue.  They are extending the checkout
time to three weeks, however.

With the cost of fines having gone up, and the number of books we check
out as homeschoolers, this could add up VERY quickly!  Also, no more
phone renewals.  It must be in person or online!

But at least they will give us a heads-up:
    You will receive a pre-due reminder notice 3 days BEFORE an item is    due. You will continue to get an email notice when an item is 3 days    overdue. However, with the new 3-week loan and no grace period, that    notice will be sent when the item is actually overdue (with fines).    We hope the 3 day pre-notice will help remind patrons to return    their items.

    I always wished they would warn me before my books were overdue!

I'm so relieved that you read that fine print, Vaiva. I was just realizing I was going to have to redo our entire approach to library materials, which presently is: wait till I get an overdue notice then renew! But it sounds like I'll still have three days, which is enough breathing room for me....

that was my method, too,- there was no other "warning" system! I    nearly freaked out when I got an email from me about the no grace    period policy, because the email did not indicate if there would be    a new notification system.  I probably would have to stop using the    library - I just wouldn't be able to afford it!!!     This new    system actually gives us more warning because you only had one day    to renew after the grace period (I think). 

And those of you not yet on the local yahoo homeschooling group, I highly recommend you do so!  I actually don't remember how you join--perhaps go to and then search for "santacruzhomeschooling"?  Anyway, much of the info I share here comes from that source!

lisa c.

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