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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Old School Monday Christmas Party is ON!

Hello all you Vintage Moms!

Ok, so I got permission from the church to use our usual classrooms next Monday, December 19.  So please come join in the holiday fun!  We will meet the usual time, from noon until about 2:30.  We will chat and play and do a few ornament crafts. 

We will also have a Christmas cookie exchange!  Here's how it works: 
--each child who wants to participate should bring one dozen cookies on a plate.
--we will place all the plates of cookies out when everyone is there
--each child who brought a plate of cookies gets to go through the cookie buffet with an empty paper plate, choosing a dozen cookies, whatever strikes his or her fancy.
--so this means every child leaves with the same number of cookies he or she brought, but gets the fun of trying other family's favorite holiday treats.  : )
--and of course our children will share with their siblings and daddies and mommies, right? ; )

I'll bring the empty paper plates, so here is what you may want to bring:

--one dozen cookies per child (IF you want to participate in the cookie exchange)

--lunch for your family (IF you want to), including drinks*

--one non-sweet snack to share with the group

Please feel free to invite friends!

*Remember, we would like to make our gatherings as waste-free as possible, so if you could bring your own reusable cups, little plates, etc. that would be so helpful!

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