Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Parties! Mark your calendars

Hello families!

We have TWO fun parties now on the calendar for the upcoming months. 

Valentine's Day Party

Tuesday, Feb. 14th
In the usual downstairs classrooms there in the Children's Ministry building on the Vintage Faith church campus. 

This is purely "socialization" time, with no specific educational goals, so please invite your homeschool friends, come and have fun!  I'll try to bring a good Love story to read to the group, and will lead a little Valentine's Day craft for the older elementary kids while moms with little 'uns can hang out and chat. : )

Please Bring:
--Lunch for your family, if you wish.*

--A snack to share (and while this is the perfect time to break out the sweets, let's see if we can get a few healthy things in there too).

--Valentines!  If your kids want to participate in this part of the fun, please have them bring a valentine for every child (and always wise to have a few extra).**

--Your own special Valentine's Day mailbox!  This can be a decorated shoebox, a folder, a big envelope, a basket, whatever you want--as long as it can hold cards and probably a little candy.  You can bring one for each child, or one for your family--you decide.  It just needs to be labeled somehow, so each "delivery person" knows where to deliver his or her valentines.

(Moms, in my opinion, this is the time to let our healthy urges take the back seat, and get whatever little candy treats you remember most fondly from childhood. This is an Old School party, after all!  ; )

*As always, every family should please bring their own plates, water bottles, napkins, etc.  Let's strive to make all our gatherings as waste-free as possible. 

**If we all RSVP in the comments below, it will help us all know about how many cards to prepare.

The Rainbow Math Party

Friday, March 16th
In the same downstairs classrooms there in the Children's Ministry building on the Vintage Faith church campus.

Years ago, our family started a tradition--when each child finishes a math book, we have a math party to celebrate!  We make the color of the math book cover the theme of the party.  Well, last year we finished several math books, but every time we were so busy we never stopped to have the parties!  So now we are going to have one big rainbow themed party, to make up for it!  And we would love to have our friends join us.

We will have some rainbow-themed activities (Becky has agreed to talk about light and the color spectrum!) and some math games.  So, this party will be more structured and "educational," but we will leave time for socializing too!

To bring:

--Lunch for your family, if you wish.*

--If you choose, please bring a snack that is ONE color. Be creative! Our family will be bringing a rainbow veggie tray, and a rainbow-themed dessert--but the more snacks the better!

--If your child has a math project or math accomplishment to share, please bring it, and we will make a special "Show & Tell" time during the party so all the kids can share all their fun math learning. : )

We would love to have you join us!

Questions on either of these events?  Please leave them in the comments, and I'll answer as best I can.

lisa c.


Unknown said...

Skye, age 2 and Jacob, age 6 will be attending the valentines party. We will be bringing organic grapes to share with everyone. Thank you!

Blessed said...

Great! We look forward to meeting you, and your kids, Nancy. : )

And for the record, everyone, my 4 kids will be attending too:
Gwynneth, Age 11
Meredith, Age 8
Bronwyn, Age 6
Evan, Age 4

laura said...

We plan to come to both! Thank you Lisa for organizing!

My 3 kiddos will be coming

Landon, 8
Koji, 6
Hana, 2

Unknown said...

What is the address?

Blessed said...

Vintage Faith Church is on the corner of Mission and Highland there in SC. The Children's Ministry building is straight ahead of you when you enter the parking lot--very easy to find. : )

Lucy said...

Sorry for the late delay in RSVPing. We won't be making it to the party tomorrow.

Have fun!

Nancy said...

Jacob can't stop talking about how much fun he had at the party today. Thank you for inviting us, we look forward to seeing you all again! Also, I was wondering if someone had contact info for the one stop school? I can't find it anywhere online! Thanks again, Nancy