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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

REEL Kids Adventures Series

I really love books.  And I really like to own them in our own library, which is probably the death of me.  Anyhow, my oldest daughter (age 9) recently picked up a set of books that I was holding onto until I thought she was ready (though she could have read them earlier).  It is a set of 10 books, which can be read independently - called "Reel Kids."  I personally know the author - Dave Gustaveson.  He has been serving in YWAM for a long time, and he's incredible!  These books are full of culture, adventure & challenges along the way.  The 3 kids in the story actually travel to different countries in need of Jesus, and video-tape the culture.  Its a wonderful blend of God's faithfulness & power in the middle of adventure!  Anyhow, I highly recommend these books if you have $ to invest in them.  YWAM Publishing is selling each set for $19.99 right now (5 books, each set), and you can probably find them cheaper on Amazon. 

Here are some handy links if you want:

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Blessed said...

I had not heard of these, Ali, so thanks for sharing!

I LOVE children's books too, and even though we have a tiny house, we have two huge, overflowing bookshelves! I find the library is great for resources, but not so much for the quality of books I want my kids to surround themselves with, so I'm with you about the value of the home library!