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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Author's Fair 2014

The Old School Mondays kids have a long standing tradition of collaborative book writing--and the books we have made together and presented at the annual Author's Fair have been some of my kids' favorite projects!

This year we have two book projects going on, for anyone who would like to jump in and participate:  The Book of Months, and the "What Is It?" Book of Nature Riddles.  It is not too late for you and your kids to do either or both!

The Book of Months features your family traditions and rhythms over the course of one year. All you need is one illustration and one page of description for each month. As always, you modify the project as needed to fit your child's abilities, so there can be as much or as little writing and parental involvement as necessary.  Click on this link to read all the details for this project.

The Book of Nature Riddles is one page front and back; the front presents the riddle, and the back has the illustration and words that reveal the answer.  Click here to read all the details for this project. This project involves more parental guidance up front--but the process can be fun, and once they get the hang of it they might very well want to keep writing more!

(I recommend when you click on each project link that you read the posts from oldest to newest, so you can follow the logical progression more easily.)

If you would like to participate in the Book of Months, just jump on in to the fun!  All the info you need to make it happen is already up on the blog, except for the details about how to bind it, but that will come. You have more than 3 weeks for the project, and unless your children are uber-detailed and slightly obsessive illustrators (like mine are), that is plenty of time.  You are invited to bring your completed books to our April 28 Old School Monday gathering for show & tell!

If you would like to participate in the Book of Nature Riddles, please RSVP in the comments below, and I will then plan on us having a "book binding" activity for our April 28 Old School Monday (the Monday before the Author's Fair).  (I can also plan book binding for the Book of Months, if that is helpful--RSVP for that if you desire.)

Questions? Please ask them in the comments below so all may benefit from the discussion.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa! Emmy would like to do a Book of Months for the fair. Do I need to sign up with you, my ES, someone else??? Also, help with the binding would be great! -Shelley

Blessed said...

Great, Shelley! You do not need to sign up with anyone for the project or the Author's Fair, just jump on in and do it, and then show up at the Mall on May 4.

And you don't have to like the way I set up the project either--you can run with the project as you like!

The "binding" we are doing is NOT fancy. I just suggested a "binding party" for those who follow the way I set up the project here, because then we can share paper and ribbon resources. : ) All you would have to do is bring your pages and I will bring the materials to make a very simple book from them.

Unless I hear otherwise from you, then I will assume that you are giving an RSVP for the "book binding" part of our next Old School Monday. Let me know if I should NOT get the materials for you, ok?