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Monday, May 19, 2014

It's the Last Day of School Party!


I don't know about you, but I was pretty much done with school back about, oh, the last week of March. 

The good thing is that my "clocking out" produced some of the best schooling we've had all year.  So now I'm rejuvenated and after a couple weeks of summer break, we will be all gung-go to jump back into summer school. : )  No, really--one of my favorite things about homeschooling is that we do school in the summer so that we feel so great and still have momentum coming into the next new school year.  And then we can feel good taking breaks whenever we want or need them, not just arbitrarily when the calendar says we should take them.

I hope you are all ending the year as I am, content and already looking forward to more.  But still, I'm so glad this is the last official week of school. We love Ocean Grove, but a couple of months with lots of learning, but no learning records or samples to produce?  Ahhhh, now that's a vacation. ; )

So let's celebrate!

The Old School "Out of School" Party!
Where: Blue Ball Park
When: This Friday, May 23, 11-2
What to bring:  Bring picnic lunches for your family and something to share with the group.  Also, bring your picnic blankets, and bubble-blowing stuff (bubble solution, wands, etc)!  Yes, we are going to have a BUBBLE BASH at the end!  Complete with a bubble blowing contest! And prizes!

Have your kids come prepared to share one favorite school thing they did this past year (does not have to be a physical show & tell--a memory shared is fine), and to tell one thing they are excited about learning or doing this summer.

Here's how I'm breaking down the time together:

11:00 - 12:00    people arrive, eat, chat, kids play

12:00   we gather on our blankets for an outdoor circle time

12:30 ish  we break out some celebratory treats

1:00ish  we break out the bubbles and start making messes, and give the kids bubble gum and get them practicing their bubbles

When the time seems right, we line them up, measure the blows, and award prizes!

Then we can all hang out/chat until whenever!

I would love it if a few kitchen-crafty moms would volunteer to bring some goodies!  We need some gluten free ones, and some other.  Anyone?  (Most of you know I am writing this while recuperating from some gross sickness, so I am NOT volunteering.  A cooler with popsicles works fine too! ; )

And would anyone volunteer to buy some really good bubble-gum? I'm talking Bubble Yum or Hubba Bubba or any of the kinds used by bubble blowing experts.  (Hey, I'm a Glee gum girl myself, but we need the bad stuff for this--in the name of science and Old School memories! ; )

If you can bring any of these things, please say so in the comments below!  Thanks so much!

I hope all of you can come, so we can celebrate together.  Questions or comments? Please ask below so everyone may benefit from the dialogue.  


Jenni C said...

We are hoping to make it for the last hour. We are supposed to be going to a ballet that morning but are having some trouble actually getting our tickets. So if it falls through then we'll see you at 11! Either way, I have a bubble machine I can bring!

Lucy said...

Hi Lisa!
So I want to clarify. You mentioned bring a picnic for our family and something to share. Then at the end you asked for some volunteers to bring some snacks. So, were you just thinking of a few volunteers to bring a few extra things in addition to what each family is bringing? (because you've been sick etc...)

Blessed said...

Thanks for your great comments, ladies!

Jenni, I remembered someone said they had a bubble machine--thanks for reminding me who! That would be great!

I do hope you get to your ballet, though--we'll just enjoy the renewed bubble enthusiasm that happens when you get there. : )

Lucy, sorry I was not clearer. You are right--at this point I am not planning on baking any treats because BLEAH. No one has to bring more than one thing to share. But I thought if a few moms would be interested in bringing more dessert-ish things, we would not open them at the picnic time, but save them for the official "school's out!" whoop & holler moment after circle time. : ) Like one time you brought those banana, oat, chocolate chip GF cookies, Lucy? That's all I'm talking about.

Anyone else have questions?

Lucy said...

No worries Lisa.. I guess in my mind I was thinking that the "something to share" was a treat type. Thanks for clarifying. I'd be happy to bring a treat. If you liked those cookies, I'll bring those:-)