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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Update on Vintage Homeschool Days

Hello ladies,

After spending $80 yesterday on supplies for projects we are doing this week (did not have enough notice on some of them to get Ocean Grove to pay for them--bummer!), it occurred to me that when we get together to do crafts on Old School Mondays, we should all be prepared to chip in and help the hosting mom with the cost of whatever craft stuff she brought. So, I thought one dollar per child participating each time we do a craft. Does that sound fair? This would be strictly voluntary--not like, where is your dollar or your child cannot participate--but a way to help keep this going without a financial burden on whichever mom is hosting. Sound good? So if at all possible, please bring $1 for each kid who wants to make a Valentine's mailbox on Friday. Thank you!

Also, I wanted to suggest a donation for each Musical Monday Morning: one canned good per family. We will thus be benefitting a local charity when we get together for school!

Let me know what you all think about this.

Hey, and I hope you are all inviting people to join us Fri! : )

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Blessed said...

Ok, so Sara called me freaking out about how I spent 80 bucks on the Valentine's party--don't worry, I did not! : ) I was getting stuff for several projects (and a new hopefully working pencil sharpener), but just the eye-popping cost made me remember how much craft stuff costs, and that prompted me to make the posting, just trying to think ahead. Thanks, Sara, for reminding me once again the importance of clarity in writing!