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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Old School Monday--Monday!

Ok, Ladies, it is time to get on this blog and give some feedback! Our first Vintage homeschool gathering on the 13th was great--at least I thought it went well, and people seemed to enjoy themselves. So! Who is up for another gathering this Monday, which is when we are to start our Old School Mondays? I would like to know how many kids I should plan for, since I have a fun counting craft in mind that I might need to pick up some more stuff for. So, if you know you are coming, would you please post a comment or email me? Thanks!

Please see the older post for the details of time, place, etc.

NEW DETAIL: If you plan on joining us for these school times, please put together a "Monday Box" for your child. (Siblings can share, but you will of course want to modify the amounts of things in your box accordingly) Your Monday Box should have the following:
--glue stick (preferrably NOT bottled glue, just to keep down the potential mess in the gym)
--2 pencils and sharpener (or you make sure they are sharp)
--ruler would be great
--tablet of plain white paper
--some basic colors (marker, colored pencil, crayon, you choose--at least the primaries and black)

Anyone think of anything else we should have every week to be ready for a multitude of activites? A shoebox or one of those clear zippered binder organizers would work--just so that when we get together all the kids are ready to participate in what we do. Does this sound good?

Also, I have a question about how we want to get the word out about these homeschool events. We have quite a few moms who might want to attend who are not linked to this blog--do we keep this blog's postings semi-private for just us, or do we give out the blog address to other interested moms so they can know what will be happening? Might be an encouragement and blessing to the greater Vintage/Santa Cruz communities, but this is not my blog, so you all (Ali!) let me know your vision for this space and let me know what you think is best (and offer ideas). Thanks!


McNabb Clan said...

i am so excited for you gals (well, all the kiddos too). i know you are making an impact and that makes me smile! as for the blog being shared: I don't mind at all. I don't view this as "my blog" - I just wanted it to be a safe place for us moms to share, get ideas, etc. I would love for it to be used in other ways too. I just wouldn't want people to shy away from writing, because it was open to a larger audience. I think it would be best if we got everyone's feelings on this. I would need to change the settings, and such. you girls so much. thinking of you heaps, ali across the globe

Blessed said...

Thanks for the input, Ali. It occured to me yesteday that I could set up a group on facebook--never done that, and interested people might have to register with facebook to see it, but it is a more public arena. . . I just want to be able to post stuff to one place and know that everyone knows where to find it easily.

mommasara said...

Let's give out the address, but keep people who can post on it limited.
Lisa, I'm soooooo glad you are organizing this!