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Monday, March 9, 2009

Next Old School Monday!

Ok, Vintage Moms, I want you all to get the date for the next OSM written down on your calendars: March 23, from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. See the previous postings for the info! But I thought I would tell you in advance what we will be doing, so you can prepare (or not, as you choose).

We will start out the morning with our first spelldown, so if you are currently working on a list of words with your child, then bring it! That way each child will definitely have words that are appropriate for him/her. If you do not bring a list of words, that is fine too--I will have my "Eclectic Speller" that will give a really wide range, so we can find words for everyone. Each mom who brings a list, be prepared to test your own child when it is his/her turn, and that will keep the game running smoothly. For the moms of little ones, if you have them, bring alphabet flash cards so your child can read a letter of the alphabet for his/her turn. If we have a lot of kids, we will break up into two different groups: readers and ABCers. If there are not many of us, then we will just line up and do it all together! I think the kids are really going to enjoy this.

Then we will either do the get-em movin' game next or do circle time, depending on how antsy the kids are. Any mom want to volunteer to host the game? I was thinking of kick the can, for which I have instructions too (and a can!), but any other organized game would be fine too.

For circle time, please bring a project or some school accomplishment to share, or something your child wants to recite--or you and your child can just come and model good listening. : ) Gwynneth and I will be bringing our completed Preamble Book to show. And that will lead into our project for the day: making a book!

If you have made books already and want to bring them to show and inspire us, please do! (Tina?) If you want, you can start work on a book now and bring it for your student to work on during our OSM project time. If you don't want to start something ahead of time, then I will have a fun and easy book project we can start all together and then you can finish up at home. If you want to participate in this craft, please bring:
--some stickers that have characters (cars, people, animals, shells, etc), and
--$1 per child for the other materials.
--and don't forget your Monday box! (supplies--see previous posting)

Then we will have lunch/running around with balls and noodles time, so the kids can play and moms can chat.

The, if we still have time, we will have a little lesson about something academic and approachable for a range of ages, which I will prepare--but I would prefer we have plenty of time to do the book project, so that will get top priority.

I recommend that you bring a blanket you don't mind eating on, so we can keep the food mess down to a minimum (they can be shaken outside) and we will keep the food on one side of the gym. You can also use the blanket for you and your child to sit on during circle time, since the floor can be pretty cold and dirty!

Anyone have questions, thoughts, suggestions? Post them here! And please invite your homeschooling friends to these events!


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rosewillow said...

Thanks so much Lisa for your awesome ideas and all your prep work for these days... We will be there tomorrow and are looking forward to it!