Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Opening up Old School Mondays

Hello Vintage Moms,

Please read the last TWO postings I did that are important to the upcoming Old School Monday.

Then, I would very much like to hear your opinion: I was talking with my friend Alberta, who is the mom who got us to homeschool in the first place, and she commented on how much she enjoyed the Valentine's Day party we had and how the gathering of moms and kids felt like a good fit for their family, but the kids are mostly younger than hers (3rd and 5th grade) and that limits how much they will be involved. I am sure Tina would have the same thoughts, since her boys are older. How would you all feel about me advertising Old School Mondays in the Coast and Valley email newletter, to get more families involved and broaden our age range?

I would value your feedback.



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