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Monday, March 9, 2009

Author's Fair!

I am proposing now that we as a group host a table at the Student Author's Fair on May 2nd at the Capitola Mall, representing Ocean Grove. It would be a chance for our kids to show their work to others (they can even read their books to those who stop by and are interested), which is great incentive for you and them to do a fun writing/art project. My ES, Terry, said that OG cannot yet do a table because they do not have anyone to host it. I said I would suggest it to you all--we have the bodies and it would be so much fun! So here is Terry's response, in an email:

Hi Lisa,

The Santa Cruz County Reading Association and the County Office of Ed. co-sponsor a Student Author's Fair each year. Schools can request a table and students can enter and display books they have written and created. If OG is registered, we will need students to participate and volunteers to set up and staff the table. I have a family that has participated through another school, and they want to continue. Here are links to explain the program.

Thanks for helping promote this,


We probably need to decide soon, to get the official gears in motion. So think about it, check your calendars, and let's talk when we get together at OSM. (Or you can post a comment here!)

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