Saturday, September 25, 2010

Old School Monday--MONDAY! ; )

Hi Moms!

It's here: Our first Old School Monday of the new school year!  We are meeting this Monday, Sept. 27 at a new time: 12:30.  There were people who could not come last year when we had it in the morning, and then some people who could not come in the afternoon, so let's try this and see what we think. Here is the agenda for this Monday:

*Meet at 12:30 there at the usual classroom at Vintage.  You can choose to eat lunch before you come or bring a sack lunch for your family.

*At the beginning of the summer, I told you all that our first OSM we would do the "What I Did With My Summer Vacations" booths again--well, because of the timing of things this year, we are not going to do that after all. BUT if your child has something to share, esp. something he/she has written or made over the summer or here at the start of the school year, please bring it!  We will start off with a little Show and Tell for anyone who wants to participate. : )

*We will hang out and chat until 1:00, when we will head out on a little field trip/adventure to celebrate the start of our new school year.  We will be walking down to the little path that leads over to Harvey West, and on our way, we will stop for ice cream cones!  So bring $ for ice cream, if you want to partake, and if you don't want to, or if you come late, just meet us at Harvey West. 

*While the kids play, we moms will get to hang out!  In particular, be thinking about what you would love to see happen during our monthly OSM gatherings, and think about if there is any activity/lesson you and/or your kids would like to "host" anytime this fall.

*We'll hang out there at the park until about 2, and then we will walk back and end about 2:30 (perfect timing for those who are going on to Musical Mondays). 

So this Fall Old School Mondays will meet the 4th Monday of every month, at 12:30.  Go ahead and mark your calendars for Oct. 25 and Nov. 22.  In December, because of the holidays, we will meet on the 20th.

***If you have any curriculum or school/art supplies you no longer want hanging around your house, bring them on Monday!  We will have a homeschool stuff swap in the adjoining classroom and make sure all interested moms get to look through (without the kids hanging on you). 

****And please invite friends!

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