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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Old School Monday Calendar for the rest of the year!

Hi Vintage Moms!

First of all, I want to give a big hand to the couragous moms who came to our Back-to-Old-School adventure, braving temperatures up to 103 degrees to go get some good, locally-made ice cream.  (sound of me clapping vigorously.)  Seriously, Moms, we knew it was hot, but I never imagined it was THAT hot.  And we survived.  Special mention goes to the moms who pushed babies in strollers over a hill in that heat.  You rock.

I hope you can now look back and chuckle! 

We are coming up on our next OSM, and I hope to see you all there!  Do you like the new time?  Sara Greco, Lisa Lebowitz, are you able to come at the new time?  Please let me know and we can continue to adjust the time until it seems to work the best for everyone.

So here are the dates for the upcoming OSMs:

Oct. 25
Nov. 22
Dec. 20 (1 week earlier than usual because of Christmas)
Jan. 24

I'll try to post more later about my plans for this Oct. OSM, but I do have two things to say in advance:

1) If anyone has a great Fall/Harvest idea for us to study/make that day, please share it! (I have this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that one of you mentioned a great fallish idea, but of course I don't remember who you were or what it was!)

2) Next time we are definitely going to have our curriculum swap!  Anything the least bit schoolish you have at home that you don't want anymore--bring it to share!  You can post here in advance if there are books you would like to sell, to see if anyone is interested.  But this is mainly for cleaning out the cupboards and passing along what you don't need--because one homeschool mom's clutter is another mom's next unit study!  ; )

Hope you are all doing well!

Lisa C.


big hair betty said...

Hi Lisa! We'll probably sit out for the rest of the year (new baby should be here in the next couple of weeks!). But, I will definitely be checking in come January and we'll try to jump back in! I have to admit, I'm glad we didn't make it out to the first OSM, I don't do well in the heat!!

Blessed said...

HI Sara! I figured that might be the case for you. : ) If you end up having meals delivered the first couple of weeks, please give my name to the contact person, ok? (And if no one is arranging that for you, please tell me and the Vintage Moms can help out!)

lisalebo said...

Hey Lisa, Cody is still faithfully taking naps so we are going to wait until January to see if we can skip some here and there. Thanks for thinking of us! Sierra will be attending Litwits this week ; )