Tuesday, November 2, 2010

About Swagbucks, with which you need to get on board

Hello all you homeschool moms!

Ok, I have been having this conversation with some of you, but figure it is time to actual post about it, so everyone is in the loop.

Swagbucks.  A search engine, like google, that rewards your use with "swagbucks" that you can then redeem for prizes.  Like amazon.com.  Which means that just for using the search engine like you would any other, you get stuff.  I have cashed in my accumulated swagbucks for FORTY DOLLARS worth of books on amazon.  I already have another $5 waiting to be spent next time I place an order.

You can now also use it for PayPal.  Which means you can have PayPal credit waiting to be used for almost anything you can buy online.

This is serious, ladies.  Now, I am not advocating anyone get sucked into the special marketing things you can do with SB, because I am sure it would be easy to waste time (and even money, on some of their special offers) with too little compensation.  BUT I am telling you that ALL homeschool moms should be in on the search engine use--NO GIMMICKS, just FREE STUFF for doing what you already spend time doing every day.

I posted previously about SB on my personal blog here and here, in case any of you want to find out more about it.  I have also put a Swagbucks widget on this blog's sidebar, so if you want to check out SB, please do so through that link and I will get some SB as rewards. Becky and Sara Crompton already use SB, so if you two want to put your own widgets on the sidebar, we can all share! : ) Same goes for anyone who signs up now.

One final note--if any of you are thinking about trying Netflix (they have a 2 week trial period) do so through Swagbucks, because then you get a little SB kickback. : )

lisa c.


laura said...

Do you think we can leave the SB off this site? I like it to stay as pure as possible. Thanks Lisa for the suggestion.


Blessed said...

Done. Thanks for letting me know your feelings.