Monday, November 1, 2010

FREE passes to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Nov. 15!

Hello everyone!

We signed up for the Homeschool Day at the Aquarium on Nov. 15, and now we can't go, because our girls have a play performance that night!  (This is what happens when you are asked to sign up before the Fall semester even begins)  ALSO, we got tickets for the McNabbs, but then they realized they would not be back in CA quite that soon.  Bummer!  The good news for you is that we now have two families worth of tickets available for anyone who had not signed up previously!  PLEASE let me know if you are interested ASAP.  Otherwise I will post this on another homeschool forum that is county wide, or worst case will just let the aquarium know we can't come. 

The program sounds GREAT too. : (  Hope someone out there can take our place!

Lisa C.

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