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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our Next OSM--let's finalize the day, please?

Hello Moms!

Our next OSM is scheduled to be at the usual 4th Monday of the month--but this month, that means we are scheduled to have it the day after Easter. 

I would like some feedback, please!  Will everyone be around and able to come that day?  It is an important gathering, as it is when we will be assembling our "What's Above" books, AND learning more about Japan.  At least, that's what we had said we might do--Laura, the books we will assemble immediately, so most of the gathering time will be available for learning.  Do you want to finish sharing your Japan studies with us that day?  If not, let me know!

So all you moms, please tell me if you would come Monday the 25th to OSM from noon to 2:30 or if we should reschedule.  Thanks!

lisa c. 


laura said...

Thanks Lisa for the reminder!

I may or may not have a car that day. Let's plan for Japan for next OSM. I think we can focus on the book and have the children present their pages.

Will they be sharing the book pages publicly at the Author's Fair? If so, do we meet at a specific time?

thanks again!

Lucy said...

Hi Lisa,

We'll be around, but we've not done anything on the book for the fair. I think we'll pass on that until next time.