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Monday, July 25, 2011

Annual Learn Nothing Day

Have any of you heard about this before?

Brilliant!  But we missed the official day.  Well, I guess it is never too late to "not learn." ; )

Actually, on a more serious note, reading what parents were saying on this page about their families' "failures" in celebrating Learn Nothing Day made me step back and see anew my own schooling approaches as of late.  I think I have been too much separating "school" from "non school" and I wonder if that is hindering this overall family value we have of "life-long learning" or "learning as a lifestyle."   As a family value, this just makes sense for us.  And yet, have I been actually sending the opposite message through how I break down the day into "school" vs "non school" time. . .

I have been processing a lot of ideas like this as I think about how I need to revamp our homeschooling approach/schedule for this upcoming year.  Whatever I end up writing about I will share with you all here!  : )

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