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Friday, April 20, 2012

Book Project 2012: The Art, and Book-Making Party! (RSVP)

This is a short post, really just a preview of what we will be doing to illustrate your children's poetry when we get together on next Friday, April 27, at noon-2:30 there in the usual classrooms at Vintage.

We're going to cut up our watercolored papers, and make pretty pictures that reflect the poems!

So, this is why you need to make sure you and your kids made paper in the colors that will suit their poems.  But we will bring all the papers we have made, and we can share with each other too. 

(When I had the girls make these a few years ago, I was not thinking of how to put them in the book, and it was a bummer to have them sideways and have to punch holes directly into the art.  Which is why we are thinking things through this year, and the illustrations will be sized to fit onto larger, stiff pieces of paper, much like we did last year for the "What's Above, What's Beneath" book.)

Here is what you need to bring to the book-making party:

--The completed poems for each child, typed out.
Last year I had the children write their poems out neatly, since they were short poems.  This year the poems are longer, and I want their words to take center stage, so all the poems must be typed/printed out.  The font (even the color) is up to you.

--The watercolor papers you made with your kids.
If you do not make watercolor papers ahead of time and bring them, your children might be discouraged that there are no papers that fit the colors they need.  This is one time we all have to plan ahead--it won't work to come unprepared.

(If your child realizes he needs a color of paper he did not anticipate, and no one else has it, we can use crayons to color paper there at the church. But this will work only in a pinch, and won't be as nice as watercolor.)

--Your Old School art kits!
Remember when we were meeting on Mondays and I told you all to bring your own glue, rulers, pencils, erasers, scissors, etc.?  Now is the time to do it again!  We can usually round up the supplies we need from the classrooms, but we can't count on it, so best bet is to bring your own!

Finally, please come on time! 
We will have plenty to do, so will start in right away.  If we get done early, then we can socialize!  This year you moms (with your kids, to the degree you see fit) will be doing the cutting and measuring for your pages, but it will be much easier of a layout than last year's page. (Which was beautiful, but took a lot more measuring.)

This is going to be fun!

Questions or comments?  Please leave a response to this post. 

**And if you are planning on participating in this project, and are coming to the Book-Making party next Friday, would you please RSVP in the comments?  Thanks!


Lucy said...

Looks like a great project Lisa however, we won't be participating this year.

Good luck with it all!

laura said...

The Holtzclaws are coming!!! THank you Lisa!!!

sarah said...

The Franks will be there!! My kids just started writing their poems today, and I am so excited by how effortless this was to work on together. Thank you Lisa for putting this together, and for your detailed directions on the blog which made all the difference for us. See you tomorrow!!

Isabella said...

lwe'll be there!