Friday, April 27, 2012

Quick note on formatting printed poems!

Hopefully some of you moms will see this.  As I printed out the poems this morning, it occurred to me that some guidelines for formatting and printing your poems might be helpful.  We can be flexible with the different ways you might print out your poem, but a few things would be helpful:

--remember to make sure each new line of the poem is capitalized
--Your child may or may not title the poem.  But do make sure you include the date, time, and place the child did her sensory immersion.  We are using that info for our poem titles.
--I would single space the poem, but use 14 pt font.
--I would leave the poem body left-aligned, but center the title and author
--I would leave two blank lines between the title and author, and then the author and first line.
--I would bold the title and author lines.

But if you end up with something different, that should work too--the only thing we really don't want is for it to take up too much room on the poet's page, so there will not be as much room for artwork.

Looking forward to seeing you all there today!  If anyone needs to come a little early, I will be there hopefully by 11:30 but definately by 11:45.

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