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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Musical Mondays

In the past my kids and I have participated in the Musical Mondays program--10 weeks (well, 9 starting next week) of class 3-5 in which kids learn a musical and perform it at the end.  This semester the musical is Peter Pan, and they have added a dance element in addition to the play and singing.  I know some of you families have tried the program, but anyone who hasn't and wants to know more can leave a comment here. 

I know there are several theatre groups out there for homeschool kids now.  Here is why I like this one:

--very child friendly
--all kids are on the stage all the time, so even though some kids will have more lines, all the kids equally share the stage.
--all kids sing all the songs, so again even the kids in the background feel like they are fully involved and equally "stars."
--the kids choose what kind of role they want, the casting is based upon what the kids want, and the script is re-written as necessary so that every kid who wants to speak gets to.
--it is very reasonably priced, and you can pay for it with Ocean Grove funds.
--this is not a "theatre" program, so it is not at all stressful for the kids or parents--it's just pure enjoyment.  There is no pressure to perform a certain way.  Kids are allowed to be kids and not have to be evaluated for their skills.
--It is a very reasonable schedule, for us busy homeschool families.  Some of the other more serious theatre programs have appropriately intentive rehersal schedules; this program is just Mondays 3-5 until the performance days, at which time they have rehersal before the performances. There is one Monday performance and one weekend performance, to accommodate working parents.

Now I have heard very good things about some of the other local children's theater programs, esp. CYT.  I just wanted to let you all know about this one in case you are looking for something a little simpler, less intimidating (no auditions), less formal.  This is about the same caliber as a church Christmas play--and for me that is part of its charm. : )

And I knew some of you might want to know if your kids would have friends there--so for at least this semester, we will be there! 

P.S. We are building upon the activity by reading the original Peter Pan, and we might try to "LitWit" it a little. ; )  Becky, that's another book you and Jenny need to add some year!

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