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Monday, February 11, 2013

Old School Valentine's Party! YOU are needed!

Hello Vintage Homeschool Moms!

So, after our last gathering, many of you told me how much your kids enjoy the annual Valentine's Day party.  So, yes let's do it!  I have reserved the room for Friday, Feb 15 from 12:00 to 2:30, as we discussed last time. 

BUT I am really suffering from allergies this year, ladies, and am feeling pretty stretched thin.  I just don't know if I have the reserves to plan and execute another party so soon after the last one.  SO this is the chance for some of you other moms to step in!  Does anyone want to plan and lead the party?  Or do several of you want to take turns leading certain parts of the party?  Please, everyone, jump in with your excellent ideas and leave them in the comments below, so others know your intentions and ideas. : )

In the past we have had Valentines-ish party food, a reading of a book something about love, and some kind of craft or activity.  (Often some kind of holder for valentine's day cards.)  And then we have the traditional passing out of the valentines at some point near the end. : ) 

I look forward to hearing whatever you come up with!



Blessed said...

Moms, when you respond to the party please do it here at the blog--if you respond to the email blog update notice it goes to me, but no one else sees it. So let's post all communication here, on the blog, so everyone sees it.

And in that spirit, I'll let you all know that Kathy Oak has volunteered to lead an activity for the party. Kathy, I think you indicated it would be some kind of craft? Let us know if you need any materials or anything!

Lucy said...

We won't be able to make it, but have fun!