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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Favorite Films: Winged Migration

After talking with Lucy the other day, I decided we need to start a new section on this blog, for favorite movies.

This is a documentary that was released in 2001, and so many of you probably have not heard of it.  It is one of our family's favorite movies, and the kids are completely mesmerized by it.  It's all just gorgeous filming of birds migrating.  That sounds really boring, but it is the opposite.  It would be a great movie to watch with the kids if you were learning about birds, seasons, or geography.

I found this official site that gives a trailer, and other potentially interesting and informative links.

I am sure you can get the movie through Netflix if you have their DVD plan, but I saw it is also available for download through Amazon Prime.  Hold on--EVEN BETTER: the library has it! 

If any of you Vintage Homeschool Moms want to make your own film reviews here on the blog, please feel free!  Some of you are "authors" so you can just make a post.  If you are not an "author" then please email me with your text and I'll post it for you. : )

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