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Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Valentine's Day Party Roster--Updated Thurs, 7:07 p.m.

Here are the names of all the kids who will be participating in the Valentine exchange at the party on Friday.  As I get more RSVPs I will update this list, so you can check back tomorrow morning to make sure you have all you want to bring.

Also, please remember that there is no legalism around this party--no right way or wrong way to participate!  So if you can't manage to get each of your children to make valentines for each of the children coming--get creative!  Maybe you can divvy up the list among your kids, or have your girls make them for the girls and your boys make them for the boys.  Or do what we are doing for valentines:  my kids have painted large pieces of paper using red, pink, orange & green sparkly paint. Then they are using fancy-edge scissors to cut out hearts. The older girls can write the names of the recipients, but the younger kids can just write their own names.  Or just draw a smiley face!

With this many kids coming, I am not worried about the kids having enough special things in their "mailboxes." If each of the kids participating at least brings something for most of the other kids, it will all work out fine. : )

1. Landon
2. Koji
3. Hana

4. Asia
5. Eden
6. Sydney

7. Sophia
8. David
9. Malakai

10. Shiloh
11. Cruz

12. Bella
13. Hannah
14. Abbie
15. Elisabeth
16. Joshua

17. Amelia (maybe)
18. Macy (maybe)
19. June (maybe)

20. Katie
21. Claire

22. Carson
23. Olivia
24. Spencer

25. Sarah
26. Rebecca

27. Luke
28. Magnolia

29. Hazel
30. Charlotte

31. Gwynneth
32. Meredith
33. Bronwyn
34. Evan

35. Hannah
36. Jack
37. Luke

38. Tegan

39. Lillie

Please tell me if I have missed someone from the comments or facebook!  Otherwise, I will add new names as they come in today. : )


McNabb Clan said...

Pulley's can't come: Emily, Samantha & Alex. Bummer for us! :)

Cale said...

I made arrangements for Macy, so unless someone else falls I'll in the night, Amelia and June will be there.