Sunday, March 21, 2010

Old School Monday TOMORROW! Come and bring your STUFF!

Lisa here, all excited about homeschooling these days!

Well, this posting is about one week late, BUT we have been busy, busy, busy here at the Redwood Academy. Loads of homeschool fun! Since Gwynneth is in the 4th grade, we are following the public school criteria of learning California history. So weekend before last we took a long weekend up in Gold Rush country, focusing on the living history at Columbia State Historic Park. Then this weekend we took another long weekend and went up to Sacramento for more Gold Rush learning, and Sutter's Fort. (And there is so much more we want to see--hopefully Doug can continue to flex his hours and take off the occassional Friday so we can continue the family history adventures.)

ANYWAY, I am hoping that this posting reaches as many of you as possible before you have made your plans for tomorrow, in case you have forgotten tomorrow is the 4th Monday of the month, which means Old School Monday! I hope you can come! We will have another mini-Latin lesson, and will do some easy art **I will bring watercolors for the older kids or for Littles whose mothers want to help them, but we will keep a tight reign on the paints, since some of them are old and I am not sure they are washable or toddler-safe.

BUT the most fun part will be the


So please bring any curriculum, books, art/craft materials, etc. that you don't want anymore and we will set up the stuff in the room adjoining the room we normally use, and we will make sure every mom gets a chance to look while her children are entertained.

As always, 10-1 there at Vintage. Bring your Monday box and lunch if you want. Hope to see you there!

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