Friday, April 2, 2010

Exciting Stuff Happening!

Hello Vintage Moms!

Lisa here. SO SO SO much I want to tell you all, so I will just give a couple quick blurbs, then off to finish packing for visiting family this weekend.


After polling the mommies present at the last OSM, and two mommies who would have liked to be, we have decided to move the time of Old School Monday from morning to afternoon. This will help some of our far-away familes to make it to OSM, and will open us up to inviting school-age friends and siblings too. : ) And will help those of us who are trying to be sticklers about official morning school time.

So this means that on April 26, our next OSM, we will be meeting at 2:00 p.m. and will go until 4:3o.

Those of us who attend Laird's Academy of Martial Arts can then go to the 5:00 class, making the most of driving time around town.


At the next OSM, we are all going to be making a book together, which we will then show at the upcoming Author's Fair held at the Capitola Mall on May 1! I will write out the book project in detail after this weekend, but will say now it will be EASY, EDUCATIONAL, ADAPTABLE to your own current family studies, and SO CUTE! I hope everyone decides to participate! Here are the ways to be involved:

1) Prepare with your child before OSM so you are ready to illustrate and assemble the final work while we are together that afternoon. (very easy--don't worry, just say you'll do it!)

2) Come to OSM so we can "make" the book!

3) Help play hostess at the Ocean Grove book table at the Author's Fair, Saturday, May 1. I think my E.S. Terry Cleary is in charge of this, so I will ask her at what shifts they will need people to help. I did it with Gwynneth last year, and it was great! She and I got to hang out at the Ocean Grove table and talk to people who wanted to look at the books, and then we had plenty of time to walk around and look at all the other creative and inspiring books (click on the hyperlink to see the post I made about it last year).

4) I will try to find out a specific time when our kids could officially read their book to the audience at the Author's Fair! So even if you don't help with the table for an hour, you should come when we might be able to have the kids "present" their book to the world. : )

So, please plan now to be a part of this experience with your homeschool kids.

Oh--and if you have already made a book as part of your studies this year, ask your E.S. about showing it too! We made one in the Fall of 2009 about a visit to a zoo--you might remember it from our first "Back to School" Old School Monday last Fall--and it is not much, just colorful construction paper and photos and drawings and descriptions all bound with yarn. But I think it turned out well, and so will plan on showing it, if Terry says I can. (I just don't know if there is an official approval process--hopefully the E.S's will know, and if I find out, I will post the info here for you all.)

I think you are going to be as excited about the book project as I am--so stay tuned for those details next week!

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