Thursday, May 7, 2009

Book Fair!

Next year we are going to ALL have books to show at the fair. It was so fun and cool! I took lots of pics to inspire me and maybe you too--so here are some of the pics and brief explanations to get your creative book-making juices flowing.

Cute idea for a recycling project!

Aged pages and a real wax seal on this historical "diary"

These were ADORABLE! corrugated carbdoard paper painted with what looked like watercolor in strips, bound with just chunky yarn--so easy but so cute!

how cute is that????!!!!

A book in which the writer imagines she is on the Oregon Trail, and is keeping a diary of the journey. I am going to do this, maybe even on the road trip!

Canoe books!

A boy with the "bee" book he made--you can see on the table there are lots of different animal covers, made from paper plates! The pages inside are round. Very cute, although I learned from talking with the boy that his teacher did most of the work--can you imagine essentially making these books for 20 kids? Sheesh! I also got the feeling from talking to the teacher that he is somewhat new to this. ; ) But these would be fantastic for us to make at OSM sometime!

Fold-out reports on bats that can be hung on the wall, or folded up accordian style and take up only as much room as a stack of index cards!

One class had the theme of "science camp" for their books, so all the covers were made of different 3 dimensional nature materials, like this cover of sticks!

Eric Carle style artwork! The students painted the papers and then they cut them out and used them for books. We are SO going to do this at an Old School Monday sometime!

Book about the moon with painted "moon" cover and moon haiku! can't you see this for all the planets?!

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