Sunday, May 3, 2009

Host Moms Needed--Next Old School Mondays!

Ok, ladies--you have seen how fun and easy it is to come up with a few learning-based activities for the kids to do on a Monday morning. Do any of you feel up to hosting (or helping host) the next TWO Old School Mondays?

The May gathering we decided should be on the 18th, since the 4th Monday will be Memorial Day. BUT Meredith's kindergarten class is having the big Science Day--a nightmare of poorly supervised art and science stations, usually at least one involving water and one involving unwashable paint. Sounds like fun! ; ) Actually, it is a lot of fun. . . for the kids. . . and I am glad her teacher goes all out once a year and makes such a fun learning event. But it is heavily parent dependent, and she has asked that I be there. I honestly do not even want to go, because it drains me just thinking about it. But I was hoping to keep that option open, SO! Anyone want to step up and assume command of the Old School Monday that day, so I can decide at the last minute about attending M's Science Day?

I would even be perfectly happy to come up with the activities, so you don't have to plan anything. : ) And it would be ideal if two mommies would step up, so you could share the morning's activities and not feel like it is that big of a deal.

We would probably come ourselves after school is over, but that would be around 11:45-12:00.

Then we are off to Illinois for our homeschool road-trip extravaganza! (I keep thinking of the MTV summer music road trip show from the late 80's they called "Amuck in America!") So the June OSM would happen on the 22nd--but I don't think we will be coming back until the following week. There has been a lot of interest from non-believer homeschool families I know to bring their children to our event after school is out, AND I feel like we are just now getting going, so I hate to cancel for the month. BUT since I won't be here, it is out of my hands. If you all want us to meet this June, then you can make it happen! Again, I suggest you get two mommies to share the hosting, so that it is fairly easy.

I have found, surprisingly, that these events are not at all stressful for me and don't require much brainwork or preparation. I am not out to impress anyone, I am just doing what seems logical and fun, and anyone who has better ideas is always encouraged to jump in with them! So that is the same attitude I hope any other moms would feel, and make it casual and relaxed and fun for everyone, including the hosting moms. : )

So PLEASE post comments here or talk to me about how we can keep these going without me the next two months!

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