Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Start Thinking of the End of Summer

I thought that title would get your attention!

This is just an idea I had: let's at the very first Old School Monday come September have a special day of "What I Did During Summer Vacation"! This means as you are planning your summer adventures, also in the back of your mind think about how you might want your homeschool kid to document it and then package it to share with the rest of us! It could be a scrapbook, it could be a journal, it could be a photo book, it could be a play acted out, or a diorama, or, or, or--you get the idea. But if you all like the idea, we can take parts of our summer adventures and make them into a book, with a "real" binding during our OSM get-togethers! (this would be a semi-serious project that would take more than one meeting and parental support at home) But it could be so cool!

So this was just a heads-up for the summer. I can't wait for our adventures!

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