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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Author's Fair preview!

I just had to share some of these pages we made yesterday--so cute!

This week I will assemble the book and get it all ready for showing.

Thank you moms so much for your help yesterday! (and for chai. . . ahhhhhhh. . . thanks, Laura!)

And moms, since we did not finalize a time to meet at the Author's Fair on Saturday, how about we do that here? It sounded like 11 a.m. was good for some moms--if you want to come with your kids to present the book at the Fair, let us all know in the comments section for this post if that time works for you. If not, suggest a different time we can consider.

And we need help hosting the book table! Anyone who can help by signing up for a one hour shift, please also post a comment to say what hour-long slot you can help with. Thank you!
Times for hosting:
9-10 settting up (decorate the table, lay out the books)
3-4 (includes packing up the books and clearing the table at the end)
If you prefer to come on the half-hour (i.e. 1:30 - 2:30) that is fine too--just be specific about the times you can be there in your comment.
None of you are obligated to show up, and I completely understand if you cannot come help--but I promise you will enjoy the experience and will be inspired by the books you see on display at the other tables. Your kids will have fun too, and last year there was even a table where they could make a book. : )
See you there!

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