Friday, April 9, 2010


Hello moms!

As many of you know, I LOVE freecycle! What is not to love? Getting stuff I need, for FREE? Giving away stuff I don't need to people who want it--stuff that can't go to Goodwill because it is broken, stained, weird, etc. *Esp. baby beds, toys--did you know Goodwill cannot take those? I hate throwing away perfectly good stuff--and with freecycle, there is usually a taker! Yay--less waste, less room taken in the landfill!

So TOMORROW, Saturday, there is a FREE FOR ALL happening in Scotts Valley, in a very convenient location. I am taking stuff in the morning to leave, and then will go back at the end of the event and pick up whatever does not get taken (last time almost every single thing I took was taken).

Here is the info:

The idea behind this is that many don't want to bother
with offering items and going through the responses,
then dealing with no-shows... Also, they don't want to
have a garage sale or don't have enough to make it
worthwhile. So, you can get rid of the stuff at the
Santa Cruz County Free-for-All (Scotts Valley location).

Where: 1282 Conference Drive, Scotts Valley, Ca 95066
This is literally the corner of Conference and Mt Hermon. Across from Heavenly Cafe.
When: April 10 and 11 Saturday, 2010
Time SAT: 10am - 3pm
Time SUN: 10am - 1pm

Note that there is a small playground there for the kids to play at, so you can bring your kids.
But we're not responsible for them so please watch them.

Note that items will arrive all day long. This means that being an
early bird has no benefit.
Staying all day does have a benefit as you can see things brought in
all day long.

1. Bring something, take something away.
All you HAVE to bring is your friendly self, good attitude, an
affinity for Freecycle, and maybe something to place items in that
you want. Like a box or a bag. But do look around your house or apartment and see what you aren't using and don't need.
Bring that along. Someone will be very happy you did.

If you get something at the Free-for-All, you will want to take it to
your car or mark it in some way to make sure that no one else takes
it. Since everything is free, people will not know it has been
claimed already.

2. If you bring something that is not taken, you MUST take it away
with you. We are not the dump. We will happily give you our cell number and you can call at the end to see if you should pick up your items.

You do not have to get there at 10 or leave at 3. You may arrive any
time you wish and leave whenever you wish. We just ask that you take
your items with you when you do leave, or come back at the end to collect your items.

3. The person offering an item may chose whomever they want to
receive it. They do not have to give it to the first person asking
for it. That can be disappointing, but remember your manners.

You may invite friends, charities, whoever you want. You are welcome to tell all you want about this event.

So, time to clean out your basement, spare room, garage, whatever you

If you have any questions just email
us (the Santa Cruz and SLV moderators) at:

Kerri, Lisa, Laura and Maria
your Santa Cruz County and SLV moderators

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