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Monday, April 12, 2010

April is Poetry Month--anyone want to join us in a project?

Hi Vintage Moms!

Lisa C. here. Are you getting sick of me this week? There is just so much cool stuff to tell you about at the moment. . . including an invitation I would like to extend to anyone interested. Since this is National Poetry month and I have been meaning to start my girls on writing some poetry, and since the Author's Fair is coming up and my E.S. wants us to have lots of books to show, and since I have been wanting to get creative with tactile art--the girls and I are going to make poetry books "illustrated" with art of all kinds!

The theme is Spring. Each page will have a poem about some aspect of Spring--today it might be RAIN!--of a different style written by the child, and facing it will be a page of art--watercolor, paper mosiac, fabric layers, stuff glued to the page, a mixture of all of these, whatever! I will be using card stock or paperboard or something of that weight for at least some of the pages so they can support potentially heavy stuff glued on. When done, the pages will all be hole punched (might be a good idea to punch the holes before gluing stuff on. . . ) and will go into a big blank 3 ring binder that the girls will make a cover for.

If anyone is interested in doing this with us, I will make it easy for you: I will email you the poetry assignments and corresponding art page assignments! It will be based upon stuff you are likely to have already in your house--nothing special needed for the art. The only thing you will need to get yourself is the paper/paperboard for pages, and a binder when it is all done.

Anyone interested? For once, a fun school project that you can just oversee, and won't have to come up with ideas for! : ) I think the books should have at least 8 pages, so this is something siblings could work on together if you want each child to write less, or conversely, if you want more pages in your book.

If you are interested in doing one or two pages but not a whole book: I have one extra binder, and we can compile the art and poetry from all of the interested families into one book. Please let me know if you are interested in this version of the project, and we will make it happen!

Remember, the goals of the project are: poetry, art, fun, Author's Fair!

Please leave a comment or email me and let me know: Family participation or Group participation!

I hope some of you want to join in the fun--I just wish I had come up with this idea sooner!

*Non-local moms are welcome to join in the fun too!

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