Monday, April 19, 2010


LIsa C. here: in case you did not get to the last Free for all, here is another one comin up! I LOVE these, for getting rid of whatever is cluttering up my spaces that we do not need. And you never know what you are going to find, either! Last time I picked up a like new plastic see through storage bin full of glass measuring beakers, test tubes, etc. for chemistry experiments at home! Clearly another homeschool family did not need them any more--yay for us!

Free for all at the Watsonville Farmers' Market on Friday, April 30 from 3-6 pm! (Look for the Free for all signs.)We are hoping to hold a Free for all on the last Friday of each month at this location.

Please come support our second event! Bring items in good used condition to give away - no junk, illegal items, or items not suitable for a family audience. Toys and children's books especially encouraged. Stay and find other treasures to take home!

We ask that people who bring things return to check if they were taken before going home as we cannot store unclaimed items. Plan to drop your items, visit the Farmers' market, and check back with us before heading home.

Please bring bags or boxes for your own use and extra for others if you have them.
Feel free to invite friends, colleagues, charities.
Remember that since everything is free, you need to remove items you want so no one else takes them.
We would love to have more volunteers join us at this event to help talk about joining the Freecycle network and to keep stuff neat and organized.

The Farmers' market is located in downtown Watsonville around the Plaza. Parking is available nearby on the street or in lots on Union St. where the old library was located.

This event organized by Nancy and Cecile. Email Nancy at if questions.

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