Monday, May 3, 2010

Heads up, everyone--start thinking now!

Also from my inbox:

We are all about getting young people excited about the U.S. Constitution. We want to bring it to life! Most students and children in America have very little exposure with regard to the Constitution - we want to change that!

This year our focus is a contest called "We The People 9.17" it is centered around Constitution day which is Sept. 17th. We are looking for kids from elementary school to high school to enter into the contest - the sooner the better! (The contest includes art, poem, written essay, or public service message). It is open to very young children on up.

All of the contest details are on the site - down on the right hand side of the home page click on (We The People 9.17 Contest)

We want as many kids to enter as possible. Final entries need to come in by July 4th 2010 and the winners in each category will be announced on Sept. 17th 2010 (Constitution Day)! Kids can enter today by going online and submitting the appropriate entry forms.

The link is:


Vintage Homeschool Kids are so. going. to do. this.

you have been forewarned.

Lisa C.

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