Sunday, May 30, 2010

Proposing a Happy Hollows Field Trip!

Hello Vintage Moms!

I would like to propose an "end of the school year" field trip to Happy Hollows in San Jose. Our family has never been there, and it seems like a good time to go. If we get 14 or more people, we can get a very nice group discount ($8 per ticket instead of $12). My little family can account for 4 of these--anyone else want to join us?

Please email me or let me know in the comment here that you are interested, and then we can set up a date. I think it should be soon, before the school kids get out, but will be very flexible. : )



big hair betty said...

We would love to go! I think I might have some friends who are also interested. Let me know what day you are thinking about! Thanks!

Blessed said...

Ok, Sara, the date is really up to the group! I have no particular time or date in mind, so how about you all let me know what works for you? Sarah Frank is interested too.

laura said...

Count us in + Laramie!