Wednesday, August 18, 2010

book reports??

I am not sure if this is really old school, demanding, or anything you gals might be interested in doing - but I made a short book report page for Asia to complete after reading a book. I think it helps her to think thru some of the details, practice writing, and summarize her thoughts too. Anyhow, here's the page in JPG format! Enjoy! Just double click - and it should bring up a new page to print from. If it doesn't work, please let me know - and I can email you the attachment.

Also, if you have any other ideas for book summaries - I would love to hear/see your ideas!!
And while we are talking about books -- does anyone have some recommendations?? We are always craving new good books! love Ali & clan


laura said...

Awesome! Thanks ALI!!!

Blessed said...

oh course this is TOTALLY old school! thanks for sharing it--we are just now finishing up our summer reading club reports, and i only wish you had posted it sooner. ; )

and ali, this is YOUR website, even if, um, i've kinda, um, changed it up and all. please change or add to anything here as you see fit! when i knew you were not even able to access the web for so long, i figured you would not mind me adding some jazz to the site--but this is for EVERYONE to play with equally, in the spirit in which you created it. : )

McNabb Clan said...

i would have posted it sooner...but i just made it. :) oh well!

and to respond to Lisa loo -- this is not my site at all. this is for everyone! i love the direction it continues to go, and i love that it is being used as an encouraging place for home schoolers anywhere. YOU have done a great job keeping it going! i just set it up for everyone to use!

so -- if there is anyone new who might be interested in posting - let us know and we can add you as "authors" -- just email Lisa or Ali, or??